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How to contribute?

Please help us build better website by sending your device UE Capability or any log file includes Carrier Aggregation and Dual Connectivity combinations. We will publish supported combinations on our website.

1. Get Carrier Aggregation combinations from your device

There is many way to get Carrier Aggregation combinations from devices. Here are instructions for mobile phones.

2. Send UE Capability message or log file to us

To help us to build even better 4G and 5G Combination page, please send your device modem logs, UE Capability Information message or other log file to improve our website. Don't share screenshots from applications like NetMonster because we can't use this data format. Alternatively, you may send send via email: [email protected] . Please include same details as shown in the form below.

Please use email format [email protected]
We only use your email to notify when combos are available at page or for further communications and we will notify you when combinations are available in website. We don't share email address to third party.
Please provide your device manufacturer and model name
Please provide your device model number
Please provide your devices connected provider name and your country
Max file size is 50MB. If your file is larger than limit, please use eg. WeTransfer or Dropbox Transfer to send us file - just put then link to message field.
Please give a log file on attachment or paste to the message field the log message.
Write everything you think could be usefull to give more context to this log file, for example you have any changes to your device, example disabled/enabled bands.

By submit I agree terms and privacy policy.