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This privacy page help you to understand what data we collect from you and here we tell how we will use collected data. We respect your privacy and we don't share your personal data to third party.


We use cookies for provide better service, example make possible remember some settings and keep you logged in to website. Here is list of cookies our website and description how we use this cookie to provide better service.

Cookie NameUsed for
show On home page remember how to show devices: card/list
_Secure-sessLogin session cookie.
deny_consentRemember your denied consent
sentrysid, scThese are Sentry cookies for track sessions.
_cflb, _cf_bm, and _cfduid These are CloudFlare's own cookie. These cookies are used for load balancing and routing in CloudFlare networks. More details in CloudFlare website.
hmt_id and hc_accessibilityThese are hCaptcha own cookies. More details in hCaptcha Privay Policy.
_gadsThis is Google advertisement cookie enables to show relevant advertisement (only outside from EEA and UK), cap how often advertisement shown and reporting. This cookie is valid up to 13 month.


Our Contribute -form collect only your own submit data. Email-address is optional and used only for notify you when your log data is processed and updated to our site and for contacting to you for extra informations. We don't share your email address to third party.

Some of logging method's may record personal informations like location and communication data. We only collect UE Capability Information, 0xB0CD, 0xB826 and PRE_CA_COMB_INFO messages from the log file.

The form have third party user verification hCaptcha what collect some informations. More details in their hCaptcha Privay Policy.


CloudFlare Web Analytics

We use CloudFlare Analytics to measure website loading speed and to count how many users visit on our site. The data will be saved to CloudFlare's own server. More details about Web Analytics.

Error Monitoring

This website uses a self-hosted instance of Sentry to help us to monitor any issues on our website. For Example, if a website component malfunctions and presents an error on the user-facing end of the site. If an error occurs you can optionally submit your name, e-mail address and a description of the error to help us to easily replicate the error and fix the issue. All data is anonymous by default, we don't collect personal information. We don't use or share data to any third party services so your data is safe in our servers.

Data we collect:

  • Evend ID (randomly generated)
  • Browser User-Agent ID, example example Mozilla/5.0 (Android 4.4; Mobile; rv:41.0) Gecko/41.0 Firefox/41.0
  • Referral Information
  • SDK Name and version, example sentry.javascript.browser 5.30.0
  • Current site address
  • Error exeption message
  • Breakdumps, what happened to cause this error

Google Advertisement

Our site have advertisements from Google's certified advertisement networks. Third party vendors like Google may use cookies to serve advertisement based our visitors previous visit on our website or other websites. You can opt-out in Google's Ads Settings.

In EEA and UK, Google ads will only use our website context to target advertisements. These ads don't use cookie for ads personalization.

Data Location

We save all data in European Union (EU), but we can't quarantee the third party like CloudFlare and hCaptcha save data in EU.


If you have any question, please contact to [email protected].

Privacy page is updated last time in 25.8.2021