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OnePlus 10T (India) (CPH2413) 4G/5G Bands and Combos

Modem Specification
Modem Model Snapdragon X65
Release Year 2022
LTE DL/UL Modulation256QAM / 256QAM
LTE Bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 39, 40, 41
LTE 4x4 Bands 1, 3, 40, 41
LTE Category (DL/UL) 18 / 18
LTE Max Speed (DL/UL) 1200 / 200 Mbps
NR NSA Bands 1, 3, 5, 8, 20, 28, 38, 40, 41, 77, 78
NR SA Bands1, 3, 5, 8, 20, 28, 38, 40, 41, 77, 78
DL Band/CA/EN_DC  DL MIMO (Streams) UL Band/CA (MIMO Streams)
1_n772+4 (6)1_n77
1_n54+2 (6)1_n5
3-1_n402+2+4 (8)1_n40
3-1_n412+2+4 (8)1_n41
3-1_n82+4+2 (8)1_n8
3-1_n402+2+4 (8)3_n40
3-1_n412+2+4 (8)3_n41
3_n772+4 (6)3_n77
3-1_n784+2+4 (10)1_n78
3-1_n84+2+2 (8)3_n8
3-1_n784+2+4 (10)3_n78
3_n54+2 (6)3_n5
3C-1_n782+2+4+4 (12)1_n78
3C-1_n782+2+4+4 (12)3_n78
3C_n412+2+4 (8)3_n41
3C-1_n784+4+2+4 (14)1_n78
3C-1_n784+4+2+4 (14)3_n78
3C_n784+4+4 (12)3_n78
5_n12+4 (6)5_n1
5_n402+4 (6)5_n40
5_n782+4 (6)5_n78
7_n782+4 (6)7_n78
8-1_n32+2+4 (8)1_n3
8-1_n782+4+4 (10)1_n78
8-3_n12+2+4 (8)3_n1
8-3_n782+4+4 (10)3_n78
8-1_n32+2+4 (8)8_n3
8-1_n782+4+4 (10)8_n78
8-3_n12+2+4 (8)8_n1
8-3_n782+4+4 (10)8_n78
8_n402+4 (6)8_n40
20_n782+4 (6)20_n78
28_n782+4 (6)28_n78
39C_n412+2+4 (8)39_n41
40_n12+4 (6)40_n1
40_n784+4 (8)40_n78
41_n784+4 (8)41_n78
n14 (4)n1
n3_n12+4 (6)n1
n3_n12+4 (6)n3
n3_n14+2 (6)n1
n34 (4)n3
n3_n14+2 (6)n3
n52 (2)n5
n8_n12+4 (6)n1
n82 (2)n8
n8_n12+4 (6)n8
n202 (2)n20
n284 (4)n28
n384 (4)n38
n404 (4)n40
n41_n284+4 (8)n28
n414 (4)n41
n414 (4)n41 (2)
n41_n284+4 (8)n41 (2)
n41C4+4 (8)n41 (2)
n774 (4)n77
n78_n14+4 (8)n1
n78_n34+4 (8)n3
n78_n84+2 (6)n8
n784 (4)n78
n78_n14+4 (8)n78
n78_n34+4 (8)n78
n78_n84+2 (6)n78
n78C4+4 (8)n78

Combinations on the table: 65

Explanations of markings

Band Numbers present different frequency, here list of LTE Bands and NR Bands . Character after number is Bandwith Class mark. Full explanation in

LTE CA Bandwidth Class
Class MHz Max number of CC Example
A2013A or 3

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