Huawei 5G Outdoor CPE N5368X (N5368X) 4G/5G Bands & CA Combos

Modem Specification
LTE DL Modulation 256QAM
LTE UL Modulation 64QAM
LTE Bands1, 3, 7, 8, 20, 28, 38, 41, 42
LTE 4x4 MIMO Bands 1, 3, 7, 38, 41, 42
NR Bandsn41, n78
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Raw Bands / CA Combinations DL Band / CA / ENDC DL MIMO Streams UL Band / CA / MIMO
1A4-3A4-7A4-20A2A_n78A4A1-3-7-20_n784+4+4+2+4 (18)20-n78
1A4-3A4-7A4A-20A2_n78A4A1-3-7-20_n784+4+4+2+4 (18)7-n78
1A4-3A4-7A4A_n78A4A1-3-7_n784+4+4+4 (16)7-n78
1A4-3A4A-7A4-20A2_n78A4A1-3-7-20_n784+4+4+2+4 (18)3-n78
1A4-3A4A-7A4_n78A4A1-3-7_n784+4+4+4 (16)3-n78
1A4-3A4A_n78A4A1-3_n784+4+4 (12)3-n78
1A4-8A2A_n78A4A1-8_n784+2+4 (10)8-n78
1A4A-3A4-7A4-20A2_n78A4A1-3-7-20_n784+4+4+2+4 (18)1-n78
1A4A-3A4-7A4_n78A4A1-3-7_n784+4+4+4 (16)1-n78
1A4A-3A4_n78A4A1-3_n784+4+4 (12)1-n78
1A4A-8A2_n78A4A1-8_n784+2+4 (10)1-n78
1A4A_n41A4A1_n414+4 (8)1-n41
1A4A_n78A4A1_n784+4 (8)1-n78
3A4-8A2A_n78A4A3-8_n784+2+4 (10)8-n78
3A4A-8A2_n78A4A3-8_n784+2+4 (10)3-n78
3A4A_n41A4A3_n414+4 (8)3-n41
3A4A_n78A4A3_n784+4 (8)3-n78
3C44A_n78A4A(3-3)_n784+4+4 (12)3-n78
7A4A-7A4_n78A4A7-7_n784+4+4 (12)7-n78
7A4A_n78A4A7_n784+4 (8)7-n78
8A2A_n78A4A8_n782+4 (6)8-n78
20A2A_n78A4A20_n782+4 (6)20-n78
28A2A_n78A4A28_n782+4 (6)28-n78
38A4A_n78A4A38_n784+4 (8)38-n78
41A4A_n78A4A41_n784+4 (8)41-n78
42A4A_n78A4A42_n784+4 (8)42-n78
42C44A_n78A4A(42-42)_n784+4+4 (12)42-n78

This device may support more combos/streams.

Explanations of markings

CA Bandwidth Class
Class MHz Max number of CC Example

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